It is easy to feel overwhelmed with moving.  So many things to do and all you seem to do is hemorrhage money around every turn.  I’ve been there myself. 

I moved to the Des Moines area in 2016 from St. Louis with my family, including two fur babies.  It was a whirlwind of prepping the house while my husband was traveling 24/7 and kid was on every possible sports and extra school club possible.   

Once in town we landed in temporary housing and then moved again in less than a year.  I’m excellent at decluttering, packing and making a house into a home.

After years of working in business marketing and graphic design in the St. Louis area, I found a new passion here in Des Moines.  I absolutely love helping families and individuals get ready to sell their home.   I started my real estate journey with an awesome local realtor. She saw the talent and drive in me to stage homes both for her clients and into the real estate industry.  I have the privelege to work with several real estate professionals both in Des Moines and in the St. Louis area.  My main goal is to be there for the customer and help them get ready for sell and move. I always put the realtor at ease to make sure the client gets great customer service.  

I earned a certificate with Home Staging Experts, HSE and cannot stop absorbing  industry trends on how to get better tune my craft.  I also  have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Graphic Arts from Missouri State University and have years of art direction and marketing service experience. 

So, please don’t be overwhelmed,  I know how you feel. In the midst of all the other projects and expenses you’re facing when selling your home, staging can feel like one more burden, financial and otherwise. But here’s something to think about: Home staging is a relatively small investment compared to the cost of a price reduction — or months of making mortgage payments while the house sits on the market. You don’t want that. I want to help you, Make It Sell!

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